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HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you create your account and enter your logline, read other loglines and vote on them. You can also go to the Forums to discuss the contest or anything else.  Three professional studio readers will be the main judges, but you can vote on other's loglines and ask your friends to vote for yours!  Regular user votes are not weighted as heavily as the judges but they do count.

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RULES: You can submit as many loglines as you want! You can be a produced writer, unproduced writer, WGA, non-WGA, doesn't matter. You can only vote ONE TIME for a logline. You have to be 18 and have to own the property you are pitching. Finally, make sure to see our release form on the submission page! 

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What is a LOGLINE? A logline is your chance to make a first impression with a Hollywood Executive, Producer, Reader, or Agent. Executives get thousands of screenplay queries and to reduce the pile they look at loglines and decide which scripts to read first -- or even to read them at all! A logline is a 1-2 sentence pitch that captures the core conflict of your story for the reader. The reader must be able to "see" the movie. Some producers will talk about being able to "see the poster." Think of your logline as the TV Guide description of your movie.