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In 1995 Christopher Wehner (published author, professional screenwriter) established Screenwriters Utopia.com. Today, it has grown into the portal for screenwriting on the Internet. With thousands of pages of content and at one time averaged around 100,000 monthly visitors.

SU is the original source for screenwriters and is still a heavily visited screenwriting site on the Web. 



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Net Sites Help New Screenwriters . Back Stage Magazine (Oct. 27, 2003)

Writers get script-to-screen help: net sites help new screenwriters pitch their projects. (and hereHollywood Reporter (October 24, 2003)

You'll Never Die in This Town Again. FilmJerk.com (2003)

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SU has received such great feedback over the years, for example

On FACEBOOK: "Hellooooooooo Screenwriter's Utopia! Glad to be here."


"You are a friend to screenwriters. I applaud what you're doing. I support it."


"Christopher Wehner runs this very helpful and informative site. "

Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, (NATIONAL TREASURE, BAD BOYS 2, G-FORCE)

"You have a great site. Wish we had stuff like this when we were starting out"

And the late Syd Field

"It's like a one stop screenwriters site - everything you need to know about the craft of screenwriting is right at your fingertips."

Creative Screenwriting

"One of the TOP screenwriting sites around!" 

And Script Magazine

"Screenwriter's Utopia has it all: helpful tips for writers... book and movie reviews and a ton of interesting articles about current and upcoming movies, writing and other related topics. Perhaps utopia may be reached after all."


SU is programmed by Devin Watson who is also an accomplished author and screenwriter.


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