You Got Close To Page 60 But... you're stuck!  In general, there are many reasons why you "Lost it in the Second Act." This class focuses on the major issues that stunt screenplay development. Do not give up on that script that you think is hopeless! You started that screenplay with good intentions, but it just got stuck along the way. It happens to everyone, even professional writers. This class has been proven to help. Here are just a few issues (topics) that will be covered:

Problems with your Dramatic Arc (This I cover in detail and show you where your script is going wrong and pinpoint early warning signs. Remember, how your Second Act arcs -- rising tension -- is based on how well your First Act is established.)

Narrative Thrust (I will analyze the narrative spine for points of "fracture" that can seriously hinder Second Act construction and Third Act resolution.)

No exit strategy for your Second Act (I will provide you with specific and proven strategies for properly setting up and getting through your Second Act.)

Beat Sheet Design (Have you ever systematically analyzed your story? Well, we will!)

And much more!

Interested, BUT who teaches this class?

Christopher Wehner is a produced writer (El Camino Christmas on Netflix), he has worked with Academy Nominated directors, Hollywood production companies, and management companies.  He has been hired to do adaptations, rewrites, and assignments.  Chris has been a development executive, magazine publisher, and journalist.  He is a published author and holds his Masters of Arts degree.

"Rated BEST online Screenwriting Class" by Screenwriter's Monthly Magazine!

This class is designed to offer maximum focus on your screenplay by a professional writer.

It's not writer's block, but second act issues that impact your ability to finish your screenplay! The instructor will provide proven strategies for second act success. There are several things that can be picked up on early in the writing process that will spell disaster as you try to punch through the second act and still maintain narrative trajectory.

This is an 8-week program from start to finish and includes script evaluation (second act emphasis), one on one interaction with Chris, rewriting, live instruction, and online readings. You will receive script analysis ($200 value), and a private  Phone or Video  (your choice) Call with instructor! ($150 value). After working out your "Second Act Plan" with Chris, you will then have 3-4 weeks to perform rewrites all the while remaining in constant communication with Chris during live classroom time while you work on your script. NOTE: Chris may very well continue with you beyond the 8 weeks if the writer continues the class!

"I have taken a few of Chris's courses and benefited from them. Actually, when I got my feedback from March's Script Savvy the few strong points they listed was what I learned from the courses." - Keith Makenas

"Keith, I'll second your recommendation of Chris Wehner.." - Cat NYC Cat Bistransin

Chris's student D. Martin Watson has his first movie in the CAN! Take this TOP internet class now!!

Susan - "Chris, Thanks so much for your advise and encouragement ... my script is much improved!"

A Professional Screenwriter - "Chris, Thanks for the notes. They're on the mark. I like your ideas for my rewrite."


What you need to know:

Who should take this class? Anyone who has one or more screenplays they can't seem to finish; feels their completed screenplay is missing something, and/or feels overwhelmed after only 30+ pages of writing. You do not need a finished screenplay to take this Seminar.

More Testimonials...
T. Grant - "Chris, Thanks. You Lost it in the Second is great. You seem to see a lot of the potential and problems...[in my script]"

L. Waite - "let me say, thanks for your kind words on my script -- it's great to hear something positive! I liked hearing your feedback on my weak areas as well - and appreciate the time you spent on your analysis and the ideas you came up with."


Cost: $250.00
Class size: 8 (Class size is limited to guarantee you plenty of one-on-one time with instructor!)
Currently Enrolled: 6

Next Seminar: 5/31/2021 -- You can sign up below!