Writer Release Form

The Writer(s) agree and understand that ScreenwritersUtopia.com (hereafter known as "SU") is providing a FREE service that the Writer is voluntarily submitting a Logline description of their own literary property (Material). The Writer agrees to releasing SU of any and all claims, liabilities and demands that may be made by the Writer asserting that  SU has used or appropriated the Material, or any portion thereof.

Writer further agrees he/she will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by SU of such similar material which may have been independently created by SU or have come to SU from any other independent sources.

The Writer represents that the Writer is at least eighteen (18) years of age and holds all legal rights to the Material submitted for analysis.

The Writer hereby acknowledges that the sole responsibility of protecting the Material belongs to the Writer.

The Writer understands and agrees that the addition of his/her name in the username field is a binding contract and is equal to that of an actual signature — The typed electronic signature by the Writer in the Logline Submission form equals that of an actual written signature.