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You Lost it in the Second Act Class - Now Open - Limited!


You Got Close To Page 60 But... you're stuck!   Well don't worry, this special screenwriting class/seminar can help you!

In general, there are many reasons why you "Lost it in the Second Act." This class focuses on the major issues that stunt screenplay development. Do not give up on that script that you think is hopeless! You started with good intentions, but just got stuck along the way. It happens to everyone, even professional writers. This class has been proven to help.

Interested, BUT who teaches this class?

Christopher Wehner is a produced writer (El Camino Christmas on Netflix), he has worked with Academy Nominated directors, Hollywood production companies, and management companies.  He has been hired to do adaptations, rewrites, and assignments.  Chris has been a development executive, magazine publisher, and journalist.  

"Rated BEST online Screenwriting Class" by Screenwriter's Monthly Magazine!

This class is designed to offer maximum focus on your screenplay by a professional writer.  An intensive 8 week seminar with script feedback and live classroom sessions!

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