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Screenwriter of THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR Lorenzo Semple Jr. Dies

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Lorenzo Semple Jr. (1923 -2014 ) has passed at the age of 91. Semple was an American screen and television writer known for excellent political thrillers such as THE PARALLAX (1974) and THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (1975). He was also known for his work on the hit television series Batman. 

Semple was an accomplished screenwriter having penned the script for the 1976 KING KONG remake. He also worked with Dalton Trumbo on PAPILLION (1973), an excellent thriller about two criminals serving their sentence on a dreadful prison island and decide to plot their escape. He  also worked with Larry Cohen on DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING in 1969.

Semple broke into the biz in 1955 writing for the TV series The Alcoa Hour. He would go on to write TV scripts for two decades writing episodes for The Green Hornet and of course Batman, among many others.

Up until recently,  Semple and retired agent and producer Marcia Nasatir reviewed movies as the "Reel Geezers".

In September 2008, Semple was honored by the Writers Guild of America as a "Living Legend."

Here's a sample of "Reel Geezers" that is simply hilarious at times (note the bar in the background!):

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