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5 Practical Tips for Beating Procrastination

Screenwriting 101 Tips

Procrastination isn't being lazy really.  It has a deeper rooted cause that can be dealt with if you're willing to be honest with yourself as a writer.  Here is my take, suggestions, tips (whatever you want to call them) for helping you get your pages done... even if slowly.

1. Are you truly prepared to write?  Often times we start a script with a lot of energy and then get bogged down.  That is usually a symptom of not being truly prepared to write. Did you make any kind of outline, beat sheet, or treatment?  Do you know your ending?  Do you know the goals and motivations of your protagonist and antagonist?  Is your story truly well thought out in your mind?

2. Set attainable goals and be flexible to adjust.  10+ pages a day is extreme... very doable but a lot to ask.  Set your goals for a range that you feel comfortable with.  Usually 2-5 is a good start.  Remember when I say 5 or 10 pages, I mean usable ones that you will probably keep but may edit down to half their size (or more) in the editing process.

3. Hold yourself accountable but forgive yourself as well.  You don't reach your goal, that's fine, just don't beat yourself up about it.  However, also be willing to challenge yourself to do better as well.  Too often we beat ourselves up and this leads to frustration and even more anxiety over not getting the pages done and we experience "Writer's Paralysis".

4. Join a writer's group.  WRAC and other groups (or just friends and partners) can be a huge support system when doing a "writing sprint" or just sitting down and getting the work done.  Find buddies to help you (and each other) get motivated to write!

5. Unplug.  Get away from social media and whatever else distracts you.  You have to be disciplined and set that stuff aside.  Also, change your writing scenery and one that is away from social media and other distractions.

I hope these thoughts were helpful and can help you achieve more success when it comes to getting those darn pages down!  

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