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Screenwriting in the News 7.22.14

Remembering Screenwriter John Fasano

Remembering Screenwriter John Fasano

Sadly writer, producer, and director John Fasano passed away recently in his sleep according to his family, he was only 52 years of age.  Perhaps best known for co-writing the screenplay for  ANOTHER 48 HOURS (the popular Eddie Murphy-Nick Nolte sequel), Fasano also received credit on such films as TOMBSTONE, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN, ALIEN 3, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, among others. Most recently he wrote SNIPER 5, SNIPER RELOADED, and HOSTEL: PART III. 

Fasano also received a WGA nomination for adapting the 1997 TNT film THE HUNCHBACK.  In fact, he wrote more than 17 TV movies including  STONE COLD, the Iraq war docudrama SAVING JESSICA LYNCH, among others.

He also attended screenwriting conferences as a panelist,  worked as a script doctor and screenwriting guest lecturer at AFI and the Writer’s Boot Camp. He was president of the screenwriting seminar at the Sony/Canal+ Equinoxe screenwriting seminar.

Fasano is survived by his wife, Edie, children Lucia and John Cody, and his sister Felicia Fasano. (Source) (Source)


Matthew McConaughey & The Black List Spec THE COMPANY MAN?

Screenwriter Andrew Cypiot's THE COMPANY MAN (originally known as "Untitled Ed Wilson Project") is a Black List script that is reportedly catching the eye of actor Matthew McConaughey. It's based on a true story and the narrative has been described as following "CIA agent Edwin Wilson (who) went behind enemy lines to secure a weapons contract and report information back to the CIA shortly after the Cold War. He had a meteoric rise until company policies changed and he was unceremoniously fired. Even after, he continued to operate as a man without a country and became public enemy No. 1 to the U.S. Attorney’s office." Cypiot is a relatively unknown writer having produced mainly documentaries. He was a student at UCLA film school and won the Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Award (2006) and the UCLA Screenwriters Showcase (2006). (Source)


Unknown Accountant Breaks in!

Terrell Lawrence worked in the accounting department of ICM Partners -- a talent agency. Like everyone else in Hollywood he wrote a script, a Big Bang Theory  spec to be exact.  ICM TV lit agent Laura Gordon got a hold of it, liked it, and worked with Lawrence. Eventually with the help of others his work would make it to the showrunner of a new TBS comedy called Your Family or Mine… and a staff writing job for Lawrence. Congrats! (Source)


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