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Eastern Promises

Just saw this one when it came out on DVD. Amazing! I cant believe how good Viggo Mortensen was in this flick. He has come a long way since Texas Chainsaw III! All of the acting was superb, the directing was okay, but where the movie really shined, was the writing. The story was evenly placed, but it wasn't that hard to figure out who did what to who, and when it was going to happen. The story shines the most in the plost twist involving who Viggo's character is really working for, and what he really does with Namoi Watts' uncle. Very brutal but hey, it's a movie about mobsters. Mean, ugly villians whom you begin to hate almost right from the start. Certain aspects really tug at your emotions, good and bad. All in all, the rest of the movie was worth having to see Viggo in the buff for like 4 minutes. But, at least he.....well, go watch it for yourself.

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