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Spiderman 3

It didn't live up to the hype for me. It was not a bad movie by any means, but i just think they tried t odo to much in one film. It would have been far better off doing the ?Black suit storyline with Sandman as the main villian, and introducing Venom at the very end (part of the movie's resolution). Then putting together a fourth movie with Venom as the primary villian. Topher Grace really suprised me as Venom, i was heistant when i hear he was cast. But he does and excellent job. Worst part of the movie is this, Venom is an elite Comic Book Villian and Sandman is a second rate "fill-in" villian. Venom should have been the primary villian in a movie featuring him, not a side kick to a second rate villian.

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