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Stay - The Movie

Date: 4 June 2004 Summary: "Stay" away from this movie...... Well folks, I saw this movie last eve at its first test screening in Pasadena. The copy that was shown was a "work print," so that means that there is a lot of work left in post. Believe me, upon seeing this there are major amounts of work to be done. Set in New York, the very confusing plot consists of a "prediction" that takes the whole movie to just spew out. I found myself rather bored and anxious through out all this. The poor dialog and the cheap punchlines made that feeling even worse. The biggest weakness I saw in the movie were the many plot twists that make absolutely no sense to anything else seen in the its entirety. With the loss of I guess we can say continuity, the ending was just like the rest of the film, non-sense. Despite all the negative things about this movie, there was one thing I really enjoyed; that being the cinematography/photography. It reminded me of a really "artsy" movie with lots of visual effects to stimulate that lover of this type of art. In the end, I found that it will be an hour and a half I will never get back. The acting was not bad but Ewan McGregor should stay a Jedi master. Although Naomi Watts' performance was not bad, I still prefer the Naomi we saw in the Ring. Henry, played by Ryan Gosling, gave probably the best performance out of the main characters. Playing a confused person Gosling delivered above expectations. I guess the one single biggest comment I have on the acting is that this movie goes to prove that talent can be wasted as easily as the poor consumers that will eventually pay money to see the film in theaters. On a final note, we all need to remember that what I saw is probably still a "work in progress" but lots need to be done. After talking to a few other people in the audience who agreed with me on how bad this movie is so far, I doubt if this will even be released at all in theaters.

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