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Christopher Wehner

Chris is a published author, professional screenwriter, journalist, and critic. He has worked in the field for over 10 years. He was recently Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Screenwriter's Monthly. Currently his screenplay, EL CAMINO, is in development with Golden Light Films in Los Angeles and is scheduled to go into production early next year. His book, "Screenwriting on the Internet: Researching, Writing & Selling Your Script on the Web" was a Top Seller at The Writer's Store and his latest book "Who Wrote That Movie?" has received praise as well.

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"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies..." The Shawshank Redemption (p.114 script), by Frank Darabont.



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In 1995 Chris, once a struggling penniless writer, established It was a very simple place, no more than a dozen pages. It reflected the Internet of its day, not a lot of graphics, no bells or whistles, and mostly made up of text. Today, it has grown into the portal for screenwriting on the Internet. With thousands of pages of content, and more than 100,000 monthly visitors, SU is the largest and most heavily visited screenwriting site on the Web. In May 2004 we revealed a new SU, all php database driven.

Today we do a wide range of things here at SU. From forums, professional screenwriter chats, script reviews to industry news and script sales. We get so much great feedback, for example Scott Frank (MINORITY REPORT, OUT OF SIGHT) had this to say:

"...from the looks of your website, you are a friend to screenwriters. I applaud what you're trying to do. I support it."

And Syd Field:

"It's like a one stop screenwriters site - everything you need to know about the craft of screenwriting is right at your fingertips."

And Script Magazine:

"Screenwriter's Utopia has it all: helpful tips for getting screenplays produced, script development services, contest information, The Script Shop,book and movie reviews and a ton of interesting articles about current and upcoming movies, writing and other related topics. Perhaps utopia may be reached after all."

I am available for seminars and classes on screenwriting and the Internet. For more information please contact me.

Chris Wehner has been interviewed, quoted, and featured in such publications as USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, MovieMaker Magazine,, New York Press, Script Magazine, Creative Screenwriting, Screenline, and LA Weekly.

Writers never forget amnesia

USA Today sample (2/9/2005):

"Amnesia as a story line helps the writer manipulate the story and thereby the audience," says Chris Wehner, editor in chief and publisher of Screenwriter's Monthly.

Usually, it helps build tension, he says. "You have a man who might be a serial killer, but he doesn't know, and we do not." But, Wehner says, "There must come a point where the question raised is answered. It's called setups and payoffs."

Viewers wonder what the payoff will be with Claire's amnesia. The person it will affect the most will be Charlie, who has fallen in love with her and has been reading her diary while she has been gone.

The diary may come in handy. With this kind of amnesia, there's one way for Claire to come out of it: "Something will spark her memory," Myers says. (From the Hollywood Reporter which inteviewed Chris.)

UPDATE: (5/04) For the past 18 months I have been serving as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Screenwriter's Monthly and working as VP of Development for MoviePartners. I have also written some screenplays, one, "El Camino" is in development with Area 51 Films in Los Angeles. I've cut back on the seminar and conferences to focus on these endeavors. I do teach an online screenwriting class however.

UPDATE: (9/30/03) My second book is now available. "WHO WROTE THAT MOVIE? Screenwriting in Review: 2000 - 2002"



Who Wrote That Movie?: Screenwriting In Review: 2000 - 2002
by Chris C Wehner

Our price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 178
ISBN: 0-595-29269-0
Published: Sep-2003
more info

UPDATE: (6/21/03) Just got back from the Las Vegas Screenwriter's Conference, what a great event. I think the strength of the conference is by far its offering on marketing your screenplay: pitching (great presentations), query letters, and the opportunity to pitch your project to industry professionals

UPDATE: (12/21/02) We launched our new PRINT publication, which I am publisher and editor-in-chief of, it's called Screenwriter's Monthly.

UPDATE: (1/20/02) I've been invited back to the Selling to Hollywood Conference in August, and will be doing a workshop called "Internetworking: Using the Internet to Advance Your Career." I look forward to seeing everyone there again this year.

UPDATE: (1/17/02) I'll will be doing a class ("Internetworking") and moderating a panel discussion, "High Concept: Have I Got What it Takes?", at this year's Las Vegas Screenwriting Conference in July.

UPDATE: (8/01) The Selling to Hollywood Conference was fantastic. It has to be considered one of the premiere conferences for aspiring screenwriters. I had a good time giving my presentation on the "Internet for Screenwriters," and look forward to returning next year.

UPDATE: (7/01) I will be speaking at this years Selling to Hollywood Conference along with Syd Field, Lew Hunter, Michael Hauge and others.

UPDATE: (6/01) I appeared at the Las Vegas Screenwriting Conference in July to promote my book, Screenwriting on the Internet: Researching, Writing, and Selling Your Script on the Web.

UPDATE: (4/00) signed book deal to write about screenwriting and the Web: how to research, write and market a screenplay online. Due to be released in October, 2001.









Since the early 1990s Christopher Wehner has been working the Web as a screenwriter, editor, reporter, publisher, designer, and manager. In 1995 he founded The Screenwriters Utopia, which has grown into one of the most popular and heavily visited Web sites for writers on the Internet. Chris has been the Web editor for Creative Screenwriting for the past two-years. He is also editor and publisher of ScreenwriterÂ’s Monthly . Chris lives and works from the mountains of Colorado as a respected monthly Internet columnist covering Hollywood and screenwriting. His writing has appeared in such publications as Creative Screenwriting and Screenline, as well as on many writing Web sites.

I hope to see you in the chat room or exchange messages on one of our boards. Take care.

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