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Script Sales: November 1-21, 2009

Script Sales data for Nov. 1 -21,2 009

Adaptation (9)
Specs (1)
Remakes (5)

The data is grim for the aspiring screenwriter. We could not locate a single first timer on our data sheet (Note: this might mean we simply missed it!) We found only a single spec, and it was written by a produced writer. Here are some highlights of the last three weeks:

SCRIPT: Breath (Action/Adventure) - is set in a small town in Western Australia where two 16-year-old boys take up surfing under the tutelage of a local legend surfer named Sando and his mysterious wife. Spurred on by their mentor, the boys test the limits of courage and recklessness as they try to escape their mundane lives.

Writer: N/A

Production Notes: Simon Baker, Mark Johnson; Simon Baker attached to star. Baker and Johnson teamed to acquire feature rights to Tim Winton novel "Breath."

SCRIPT: One by One (Teen/Horror) - story follows a villain named Railroad Jack the Reaper and his carnival of destruction called Death s Door. When a bus carrying a group of teens crashes on a deserted highway, Railroad Jack picks them off one by one.

Writer: Kimberly Seilhamer

Production Notes: Kilo Entertainment, Mark Erikson, Sheri Reeves, Sally Kirkland, Douglas Tait, Rachel Witherspoon; Douglas Tait, Tony Todd, Sally Kirkland, Alexandra Holder, Amber Zion, Hope James, Jay Gillespie, Jemal David and Christopher Raff attached to star. Kimberly Seilhamer attached to direct.

SCRIPT: Burlesque (Drama/Musical) - is about the journey of an ambitious small-town girl with a big-town voice who finds love and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club.

Writer: N/A

Production Notes: Screen Gem; Donald De Line; Eric Dane, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet, Kristen Bell and Alan Cumming attached to star. Steve Antin attached to direct.

SCRIPT: Last Stand (Action) - The story features a Gumpert Apollo, a race car used by drug smugglers, and it centers on a cartel leader that uses it to break out of a courthouse. As he speeds to the Mexican border, the only thing standing in his way is a border-town sheriff and his inexperienced staff.

Writer: Andrew Knauer

Production Notes: Lionsgate Films ; Mike Paseornek (LG), John Sacchi (LG), Hernany Perla (LG), Erik Howsam (Di Bonaventura), Ed Fee (Di Bonaventura); Di Bonaventura Pictures; Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.

SCRIPT: The Ten Best Days of My Life (Supernatural) - centers on a woman who dies and goes to the top of the afterlife echelon -- called, what else, Seventh Heaven -- but is in danger of being demoted to a lower level unless she can prove having lived a worthwhile life by recounting her 10 best days.

Writer: Adena Halpern, Josh Klausner

Production Notes: 20th Century Fox; 21 Laps Banner, producers: Amy Adams, Shawn Levy; Amy Adams attached to star. Shawn Levy attached to direct. Josh Klausner adapting Adena Halpern's book.

SCRIPT: Hidalgo-Moliere (Drama/Period) –focuses on Hidalgo's early years in the theater and his rise to leading the Mexican War of Independence in the early 1800s.

Writer: N/A

Production Notes: Astillero Films; Luis Urquiza Modragon; Demian Bichir and Ana de la Reguera attached to star. Antonio Serrano attcahed to direct.

SCRIPT: Space Invader (Comedy) - centers on a man who decides to go to space after he suspects that his longtime girlfriend, an astronaut, is cheating on him with another spacewalker.

Writer: Mike Lisbe, Nate Reger, Justin Theroux

Production Notes: 20th Century Fox; Davis Entertainment, Principato/Young, Justin Theroux to rewrite Mike Lisbe and Nate reger's script. Will Arnett attached to star.

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