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Rossio and New Writing Partner Sell Spec For a Million

Michael Hauge, Terry Rossio, and Ted Elliot at an American Screenwriters Association event in 2001.
According to reports, Walt Disney has spent a million dollars to buy a spec script co-written by Terry Rossio (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), who usually writes with Ted Elliott. Bill Marsili is Rossio's writing partner on this project. Their spec screenplay DEJA VU will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer who will develop the project for the studio. There's not a lot of details about this acquisition, as the studio wants to keep it a secret, but it has been leaked that DEJA VU ties together romance, time travel and police procedures together. The script's main character is an FBI agent that has the ability to travel into the past, and during one of his jaunts begins to start falling in love with a woman who is destined to be murdered shortly.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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