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Elston Gunn's WEEKLY SCRIPT REPORT (Major Sales, Events, and other News!)

- Eric Eisner sold his spec script OF GOD AND COUNTRY CLUB to Columbia Pictures. It's about a rapper who becomes passionate about golf and looks for a way to join a Hamptons country club. When his agents try to keep their private lives distant from their business, things go awry. Commercials director Dewey Nicks is attached to make his feature directorial debut with the project.

- Phoenix Pictures has purchased the feature rights to Jimmy A. Lerner's manuscript YOU GOT NOTHING COMING: NOTES FROM A PRISON FISH. It's based on Lerner's life in a Nevada prison, where he's serving a sentence for accidentally killing a man, with whom he got into a fight during a trip to Las Vegas. He was a corporate consultant from Norther California who was living in the suburbs with his wife and kids.

- MGM grabbed the script ROMANTIC COMEDY by Lance Khazei for Landscape Entertainment. It's about a man who attempts to win the love of a woman by lifting plots of various romantic comedy pics. Jeff Lowell will handle rewriting chores.

- Ted Griffin (OCEAN'S ELEVEN) and Sean Bailey have sold their SEVEN-esque script SOLACE to Bandeira and Key Entertainment. The project is set in New York and will be produced by Beau Flynn and Matthias Emcke, with Tripp Vinson co-producing.

- Kevin Brodbin will write THE A-TEAM, based on the 1980s TV series, for Fox 2000. Stephen J. Cannell, Spike Seldin and Marc Silvestri will produce.

- Stephen King has adapted ASYLUM, Patrick McGrath's novel about the wife of an English insane asylum superintendent falling for a murderous patient. Paramount is developing the project. Jonathan Demme has been attached to direct for some time.

- New Line Cinema has grabbed the romantic comedy script EVEN STEVEN by Nancey Silvers, as a possible Faith Hill vehicle. It's about two ex-girlfriends who plot to create the perfect date for their ex-boyfriend to fall for so he may be miserably dumped.

- Pandemonium picked up the sci-fi pitch THE DEAD CREW from Ken and Jim Wheat (PITCH BLACK) abouta four people who die in a meteorite shower, though it's discovered they're not dead but immortal.

Some great-sounding stuff this week, don't you think? THE DEAD CREW and ASYLUM may be my picks o' the week. The premise of the first seems cool enough and Stephen King taking a stab at ASYLUM is big news. If pulled off well, I believe they could really be entertaining. What would your pick be?

-- Elston Gunn

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)

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