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Elston Gunn's WEEKLY SCRIPT REPORT (Major Sales, Events, and other News!)

- Feliks Falk will direct J.A. Geodet's script CODE: BALTIC STORM, a political thriller based on the sinking of the Estonia in 1994, which killed more than 900 passengers. It's based on the theory that the shipwreck was not an accident, instead caused to sop an advanced weapons system from being smuggled to the U.S.

- French helmer Jean-Paul Rappeneau (CYRANO DE BERGERAC) is writing an epic World War II romantic drama with his son Julien. It will beset in Bordeaux in June 1940, when the French government fled there from Paris.

- Dimension Films has optioned Harlan Ellison's pitch DEMON WITH A GLASS HAND for David Twohy (PITCH BLACK) to direct. It's based on a 1963 episode of "The Outer Limits," written by Ellison, about a futuristic man who is transported to the present with amnesia. He struggles to discover his identity and the secret he possesses while being pursued by a group of extraterrestrials.

- Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's comic pitch ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY REMEMBERING THE TITANS GIVES ME THE VARSITY BLUES was recently purchased by DreamWorks. It's a spoof on football movies.

- Deep River Prods. has landed a blind script commitment from screenwriter William Broyles (CAST AWAY, PLANET OF THE APES). He's now rewriting the period cattle-ranching western TOM HARRIS as well as KAG SANH, a Vietnam film he's developing with Tom Hanks.

- Ang Lee and James Schamus have a script ready for a romantic musical comedy inspired by the Alain Resnais French film SAME OLD SONG. However, Lee may have to wait until after the strikes to make it due to time constraints.

- Catherine Butterfield has sold her pitch, THE BEST YOU CAN DO, to Cosgrove-Meurer. It's about a young woman who moves into an older man's house and the agreement that will allow her to take over the house once he dies.

Not a lot of script news this week. I guess most studios are already developing several projects to beat the strikes. My pick of the week is SAME OLD SONG by Ang Lee and James Schamus. Since Lee is involved, I'm curious to seek out the original and get an idea of what we may have in store down the road.

-- Elston Gunn

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)

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