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Elston Gunn's WEEKLY SCRIPT REPORT (Major Sales, Events, and other News!)

- 20th Century Fox purchased the script BUMPER 2 BUMPER by screenwriters/brothers Paul and Patrick Aiello for a possible live-action/CGI pic. The story centers on a Mustang named Danny who encounters mean driving machines, falls in love with a sexy BMW and dreams of living in a two-car garage with the one he loves.

- Bill Mechanic has purchased the high-concept comedy script WHEN I GROW UP by Steve Franks (BIG DADDY). Franks recently rewrote the script for I DREAM OF JEANNIE.

- Jeff Lieber (TANGLED) has written HUNTING HACKERS, picked up by Warner Bros., about a 21-year-old ex-hacker who the government uses to help find criminals. The script is based on the Vanity Fair article of the same name by Brian Burrough. "ER"'s John Wells is attached to produce.

- Ed Solomon will write the comedy CODE NAME: OBLIVION for Columbia Picutres and possibly Gone Fishin' Prods. It's a buddy comedy about an unlikely person becoming an unstoppable secret agent. The project may become a film series.

- Shaina Carol's (FOTHERMUCKERS) script TRIPLE TAKE was recently sold to 20th Century Fox. It tells the story of a professional perfectionist who writes a column about what is perfect in New York City. The writer starts dating who he thiinks is the perfect woman, but discovers he is dating triplets.

- Writers/brothers Tim and Dave Douglas will write F5, based on their action pitch they sold to Paramount, which in itself is based on the comic book by Tony Daniel (who will be a consultant on the project). It's about a high-tech, elite team of operatives.

- Teddy Tenenbaum will write a thriller based on LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH. However, instead of remaking the film, Tenenbaum will write a new story but use the same title for Paramount and producer Robert Evans. The new project will follow a woman who tries to cure her fears by entering a controversial treatment program which brings to life all her irrational phobias.

- Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa will script a remake of the 1971 Clint Eastwood drama PLAY MISTY FOR ME for Overbrook Entertainment.

- Disney bought the comedy pitch BONEHEAD from writer Jeff Rothberg (BOGUS) about a boy makes a wish via the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone that changes his family dynamic.

- Columbia Pictures picked up Mike Jones' sci-fi thriller pitch AUTOMATA for Stan Winston and Brian Gilbert to produce. It's about a disgruntled tech support phone operator who happens upon an underground fight club for robots.

- Karen Walton (GINGER SNAPS) will write a feature film adaptation of Michael Turner's novel THE PORNOGRAPHER'S POEM for Alliance Atlantis. It centers on a rebellious teenage boy and his road to becoming a pornographic filmmaker.

Hmmm. I like the title LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH as well as THE PORNOGRAPHER'S POEM. TRIPLE TAKE sounds cool, if done right (and not too hokey). The premise to AUTOMATA sounds pretty wild, but my pick of the week goes to CODE NAME: OBLIVION. The majority of Ed Solomon's work is pretty fun and if they're already talking film series with this one, I'm intrigued to find out what makes it so special.

-- Elston Gunn

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)

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