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Elston Gunn's WEEKLY SCRIPT REPORT (Major Sales, Events, and other News!)

* Joel Cohen and Alex Sokolow's (TOY STORY) script THE TREE will star Johnny Knoxville (MTV's "Jackass") for director Stephen Surjik (WAYNE'S WORLD 2) and MGM. It's about a truck driver and a presidential aide who have to haul a huge Christmas tree from Washington state to Washington D.C. Shooting is expected to begin in February.

* Will Aldis and Steve Mackall wrote AVENGING ANGELO the script about a woman out to avenge her mafioso father's death and the help she receives from his bodyguard. Sylvester Stallone will star in the black comedy for Franchise Pictures. Martin Burke is in talks to direct.

* Richard Benjamin is in final negotiations to direct the Paul Rudnick (IN & OUT) script MARCI X for Paramount. Lisa Kudrow is in final talks to star as a Jewish Princess who is in control of a hip-hop record label and is trying to take care of a big-selling, controversial rapper, whose single is a public relations nightmare.

* James Mangold will direct his rewritten draft of a Steven Rogers (HOPE FLOATS) script entitled KATE & LEOPOLD. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman will star in the romantic time-traveling comedy for Miramax about a 19th century duke who falls for a contemporary city woman.

* Jennifer Tilly, Kirsten Dunst Edward Herrmann, Cary Elwes and Eddie Izzard will star in THE CAT'S MEOW for director Peter Bogdanovich and Lions Gate Films. It's about the murder/cover-up of a Hollywood Golden Age power broker set on William Randolph Hearst's yacht in the 1920s. Gossip columnist Louella Parsons, Marion Davies and Charlie Chaplin are all appear prominently in the script, which was written by Stephen Peros. Shooting is expected to begin Nov. 12 in Berlin and Greece.

* Larry Doyle is writing THE DUPLEX for Miramax Films. Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore will star in the pic about a young couple who has a chance to move into a beautiful duplex in the perfect neighborhood, but they must first eliminate the cute old lady who resides there.

* Writes/directors Alex and Andrew Smith have snagged Ryan Gosling (REMEMBER THE TITANS), David Morse and Clea DuVall in final talks to star in their drama film THE SLAUGHTER RULE. The story follows a young man and his relationships with a young woman and a high school football coach. Production begins in two weeks in Montana.

* Ken Hastings has written the indie comedy DAWG for Gold Circle Films as a pic to star Elizabeth Hurley and Denis Leary, who are in final talks to join the pic. Victoria Hochberg ("Ally McBeal," "Sex and the City") will direct the movie about a ladies' man In order to inherit his grandmother's million bucks, a ladies' man must apologize to the women he has betrayed.

* Alan Parker will produce and possibly direct the Charles Randolph-penned the screenplay THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE for Intermedia Films and Nicolas Cage's Saturn Films. The drama follows a reporter who investigates a situation involving the death penalty.

* Anne Rice and her son, writer Christopher Rice, are looking to write a screenplay together and may do so by adapting the former's 1990 novel THE WITCHING HOUR. The book centers on two people with special powers who explore the mysteries of witchcraft.

* The Walt Disney Co. picked up the pitch GHOST PATROL from writers Jonathan Bernstein, Mark Blackwell and Jim Greer as a pic for a possible Halloween 2001 release. The studio is also fast-tracking the trio's script MAX KEEBLE'S BIG MOVE.

* George Nolfi (PATHFINDER) has turned in his latest draft of the script TIMELINE for Michael Ovitz and Paramount about archaeology students who have to travel back in time to 14th century France to rescue their professor. The project, based on the Michael Crichton novel, is expected to be greenlit soon.

* Adam Brooks (FRENCH KISS, BELOVED, PRACTICAL MAGIC) will write and direct a remake of Sacha Guitry's 1953 film LA VIE D'UN HONNETE HOMME (aka THE VIRTUOUS SCOUNDREL) for Universal. It's about twin brothers, a country type and a city slicker. When the more humble brother dies, the other takes his place and finally experiences true happiness.

* Tony Award-winning director Robert Falls will write, direct and executive produce three pictures for Disney. The first film project-and the only one with any details--is set in the world of competitive cooking. It will be based on an original script by Falls and his wife Cat Moynihan.

* Malia Scotch Marmo (HOOK) will adapt THE POLAR EXPRESS, the children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, for Castle Rock Entertainment and Playtone Co. It's about a boy who belives in Santa Claus and the journey on a train he takes to the North Pole. Tom Hanks is attached to star as the train's conductor with Rob Reiner possibly directing the project.

* Mark Brown's (HOW TO BE A PLAYER) script HOW TO MAKE YOUR MAN BEHAVE IN TEN DAYS OR LESS will be a movie produced by Screen Gems and to be directed by Brown. Vivica Fox is in talks to star as a woman who uses her own set of guidelines to straighten up her boyfriend.

* Ross Klaven (TIGERLAND) is writing the screenplay adaptation of Tom Clancy's book WITHOUT REMORSE for Paramount Pictures, which is in talks to buy the feature film rights. The story centers on a soldier who goes on a killing spree after the woman he loves is killed by drug dealers. The U.S. government takes him in and gives him a new identity.

* James Cummings (SOUTHIE) and J.D. Shapiro (BATTLEFIELD EARTH) will write SUPERCOPS, based on 1993 Jan Golab book THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE: A TRUE STORY OF CORRUPTION AND MURDER IN THE LAPD about the true story of the first LAPD officers ever to face the death penalty.

* Erik Lindsay will rewrite SOUL ON ICE for Jerry Bruckheimer Films about an inner-city hockey player who travels to a small community to play in the minors.

* Hans Rodinoff will write the sequel to Universal's THE SKULLS for producer Neal Moritz and his Original Film production co.

* Neil Gaiman will write and direct the true story THE CONFESSIONS OF WILLIAM HENRY IRELAND for Miramax Films about a teenager who forged "lost" Shakespeare works. His hoax was created to please his father, but dad's reputation is ruined when one of the "missing" plays is produced and bombs. Gaiman is also adapting his novel STARDUST for Miramax/Dimension.

* Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla ("The Man Show") will write and star in a comedy feature for Montecito Films/DreamWorks about two teachers who are working at the same high school they attended and their attempts to escape an embarrassing tabloid scandal.

* Blake Masters has written DREADNAUGHT, with Dan Gilroy penning the rewrite. McG (CHARLIE'S ANGELS) will direct the action-thriller DREADNAUGHT for Columbia Pictures. It's about an intense conflict between a captain and his commanding officer on the most high-tech warship ever built. Production is slated for September.

* Matt Piedmont and comedian Will Ferrell sold their action comedy pitch to Disney about hard-nosed 1970s cop who gets shot by a pimp and slips into a coma. He wakes up in the present and joins forces with his former partner's daughter to take down the pimp, who is L.A.'s biggest crime boss.

* Sheldon Turner will write the supernatural thriller THE RITUAL for Dimension Films about college kids using black magic to manipulate campus happenings.

Again, we have some good-sounding premises this week, but my pick goes to THE CONFESSIONS OF WILLIAM HENRY IRELAND. It sounds like it'll be a very intriguing project. Can't wait to hear more.

-- Elston Gunn

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)

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