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Scribe beats up BULLY

Screenwriter David McKenna (BLOW) took his name off BULLY -- the Larry Clark-directed feature -- because he was unhappy with the finished product, according to sources. McKenna is instead using the pseudonym Zachary Long. In a scathing three-page letter dated earlier this year to Clark and the film's producers, Don Murphy and Fernando Sulichin, McKenna said that he initially viewed the chance to adapt the BULLY script as "a gift from the gods." However, McKenna went on to say that the finished film -- as he saw it late last year -- "resembled a porno," with "unbelievably gratuitous sex, no story, zero motivation (and) no character development." The film's distributor, Lions Gate, declined comment. (Ian Mohr and Chris Gardner)

The nonfiction book BULLY tells the story of abusive teenager Booby Kent and how a group of his targets, including his best friend, viciously and violently murdered him.

-- Darwin Mayflower

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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