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Script Report: GEMINI MAN

The Walt Disney Co. will pay a $1.75 million advance to scribe Jonathan Hensleigh (ARMAGEDDON) against a reported $2.25 million for him to do a page-one rewrite of the high-concept project GEMINI MAN from an original idea by Darren Lemke, who penned the original draft of the script.

The story is set 20 years in the future, and centers on an older man who is hunted by his younger self.

"I am preserving the kernel of the concept," Hensleigh told Variety. "But the basis of my story is that I am contemporizing it -- it's happening right now. With its special effects elements, is simply the best action concept in Hollywood right now."

As far as talent goes, Disney had hoped to interest Mel Gibson in the project's center role, but no actor is yet attached.

Hensleigh, an A-List screenwriter, who has been missing in action since he executive produced Disney's GONE IN 60 SECONDS last summer. His credits include DIE HARD WITH A VENGENCE, THE SAINT, and JUMANJI. He also shared writing duties on CON AIR and THE ROCK.

-- Chris

(Source: Variety)

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