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SU Announces Best Screenplay and Screenwriter of 2000

The Screenwriters Utopia is proud to announce its selection for "Best Screenplay of 2000," and "Best Screenwriter of 2000." Though we have unofficially announced our favorites the last few years I thought it was time to make it more official. I'd like to thank all of the visitors who have voted on the site and the SU writers who graciously gave me their input as well.

SU's Best Screenplay of 2000: YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, by Kenneth Lonergan. Overall I felt that this script, film, and performances were so powerful and moving that it deserves to be mentioned as the best. (Inexcusably I left it out of my poll, what was I thinking?) I was leaning towards TRAFFIC until I got some last minute encouragement from Elston (click here) and that convinced me.

Runner up: TRAFFIC, by Stephen Gaghan. A powerful movie as well with great acting and superb directing.

SU's Best Screenwriter of 2000: John Logan. He recently won "Best Adapted Long Form" from the WGA for RKO 281, based in part on the documentary "The Battle Over Citizen Kane." I really feel his work on the Oscar nominated GLADIATOR script was instramental, and lookout for his script for THE TIME MACHINE, which I think will be a great movie.

Congrats Guys!

-- Chris
and The Staff @ SU

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