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GONE IN 60 SECONDS scribe vindicated it seems...

This past weekend had to be some vindication for GONE IN 60 SECONDS screenwriter Scott Rosenberg. The much maligned story has produced a number one box office movie. By opening number one, unseating MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 at the same time, GONE.. has accomplish an "impossible" task it seems.

Scott Rosenberg's script (which I just read last week) is essentially a remake the 1974 B-Movie classic -- well I might be stretching it there -- "Gone in 60 Seconds," written and directed by H.B. Halicki; who is cited by the Internet Movie Database as an uncredited writing contributor to the new movie.

In a Creative Screenwriting interview Rosenberg mentions that the movie idea was Michael Lyntons, formally of Hollywood Pictures, and when he presented the idea to him it was, in Rosenberg's words, "the coolest idea in the world."

THE LOG LINE: "A guy has to steal 50 cars in one night."

Basically the first rough draft was written by Rosenberg in two weeks, while he was in Boston his home town. The first thing that bothers me, when comparing the movie versus the January 22, 1999 draft (that I have) is the location. It originally took place in Boston. Other reviews have said that Boston wouldn't work, I think it would have. As a matter of fact, LA is becoming boring as a movie location. The same thing happen to New York, then LA, now they're staying in LA it seems.

Also Rosenberg did his homework for the script. Things he describes and the language, you can tell he spent some time with real car thieves -- he mentions this fact in the Creative Screenwriting interview.

The script reviews I've read online, such as Stax @ Flixburg, were generally positive. Unfortunately, the rewriting process, director influenced changes and editing, cut some guts out of Rosenberg's original vision.

I'm glad to see the movie opened at number one, if nothing else Rosenberg now has some satisfaction, even if the final product isn't what he envisioned.

-- Chris

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