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Week In Review: 12/1/00

Week In Review, Upcoming Movies, and DVD Reviews.

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The Week In Review: 12/1/00 (posted on 12/4/00)

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Entertainment Weekly had an interview with Jackson, Willis and God (M. Night Shyamalan) this past week. According to God, "I set out to make THE movie of the year, to make the highest-grossing movie of the year; to make one of the five Oscar-nominated movies. That was my goal. That was my intention."

You need to remember that God is just a rich kid from Philadelphia (the son of doctors) who comes across as nothing more than a spoiled little arrogant, whiny, kid. Oh, the humility and the humbleness of God, you've got a love it. God can't stand it if you dont love him and his work.

"I have this theory about filmmaking -- about the language of movies and storytelling and its connection to the audience -- but I'm not going to tell you what it is," said God. I say yes, praise the lord, he has shown the masses the light! "I'm not going to tell you!" For the love of God. He doesn't want to tell us, please. From his stupid "secretive ending" in his script to this new proclamation, I really don't get this guy. Does he want us to hate him? No, he thinks we all should love him.

Upcoming Movies


We gave the script high marks and with Russell Crowe starring it should do well at the Box Office. Movie Reviews are trickling in and for the most part appear to be positive as well. Meg Ryan also stars.

DVD Reviews


Written and directed by Geoffrey Wright, this is the tale of Melbourne skinheads who terrorize local Vietnamese in their quest for racial purity in their neighborhood. Intense, perverse, and at times disturbing. All of the reactions I'm sure the director was aiming for. As many of you may already know Russell Crowe plays Hando who is the leader of the gang. His performance is intense of course. This film is rated R for graphic violence and sex.

Movie Rating: Good


This 2 disk "Special edition" has a nice punch to it to go along with the film. Digitally remastered with a nice crisp picture and great sound (either DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1). The second disk contains a documentary about skinheads and interviews with Crowe and Wright, who reveals some interesting tid bits on Russell Crowe the actor.

DVD Rating: Excellent

The Movie: X-MEN

Director Bryan Singer's much heralded X-MEN though a nice film, falls well short of capturing the comic book saga. The special effects were dazzling, but the story and directing was overall a major disappointment. It's worth $2.50 for a rental though.

Movie Rating: Below Average


Very cool packaging, once again get the audience to say "wow," and maybe they'll ignore the rest of it. I found the extra goodies to be nothing spectacular. Some nice extra footage, but pretty much the usual fair in terms of behind the scenes DVD extras. No DTS offered for sound.

DVD Rating: Average

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