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Tyro Screenwriter Sells 7-part Movie Franchise to Warner Bros. & 3 Arts

In what could be a wave of the future, Warner Bros. and 3 Arts picked up an untitled “script-ment” from tyro screenwriter David Weil.  What has been called a "blue print for a 7-part movie franchise featuring interconnected stories contained in The Arabian Nights." The writer apparently sold a 90 page script-ment  (bible) of what will be a potential a long running program.  It is a most unusal purchase, indeed, but also it most be a rather good one.  The concept is being described as a  "reinterpretation of very familiar stories from a public domain tale, with modern tropes and themes that lend themselves to the big tent pole CGI-driven element " (Source)

Weil is an actor/writer and recently his screenplay HALF HEARD IN STILLNESS made The Black List.

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