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Screenwriters in the News 4.5.2014

An initiative run by the London Screenwriters’Festival created the film 51 KISSES which has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most co-writers on a feature film.  The  previous record holder was FOREVER AND A DAY (1943) which had 21 writers. According to their site, "Two years ago, writers were invited to submit two page scripts featuring at least one kiss and set on Valentines. Nearly two thousand were submitted."  The London Screenwriters’ Festival is the largest annual screenwriting conference in the world.  (Source)

Centropolis Entertainment has picked up an untitled action thriller screenplay by James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright.  Marco Shepherd will produce and Roland Emmerich may direct but it is uncertain. Plot details are limited to "The film is set on a diving ship in the Arctic." Woods and Wright are better known as actors, however, are writing partners as well; they previously sold to Comedy Central their TV pilot  Almost Vacant.  (Source)

Chuck Hogan is set to rewriteTHE ROCKFORD FILES  for Universal Pictures  with Vince Vaughn to star. (Source)

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