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Screenwriters in the News

FEATURED: According to, David James Kelly is going to write the X-MEN franchise spin-off THE WOLVERINE for Fox.  James Mangold will direct. Kelly is reportedly also at work adapting the Dark Horse graphic novel Mind Mgmt for Scott Free Productions. (Source)

In the fourth legal issue in the past year concerning James Cameron‘s AVATAR and accusations that it was based on someone else’s work has been thrown out, according to reports. A Vancouver writer and restaurateur Emil Malak, alleged that the film “copied elements of his script TERRA INCOGNITA.” (Source)

Jon M. Chu along with Hasbro, Blumhouse Prods, and Scooter Braun Prods are producing Hasbro’s 1980s cult classic cartoon series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. Chu is directing from a script by Ryan Landels. (Source)

Taylor Materne & Jacob Rubin’s Black List script Times Square TIMES SQUARE has been snatched up by Focus Features. Justin Lin will direct. “The crime thriller is set in the last days of the old Times Square, when it was transitioning from a seedy lawless Midtown Manhattan dump to a family-friendly corporate mecca.” (Source)

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