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BATMAN TV Writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr. Video Interview

Lorenzo Semple Jr. (1923 -2014 ) was an American screen and television writer known for excellent political thrillers such as THE PARALLAX (1974) and THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (1975). He was also known for his work on the hit television series Batman. "I think Batman was the best thing I ever wrote, including those big movies," said Semple. "As a whole work, it came out the way that I wanted it to, and I was excited by it." He also wrote the 1966 BATMAN movie.  In the TV Archive interview below, he expressed disdain for the “self-pitying” scribe.

“I’ve heard many writers say, ‘We’re the only ones that face the agony of the blank page’ … I say, actually, you’re idiotic,” he said. “The blank page is the greatest moment of writing a script. It could be the greatest script in the world. It’s going to go downhill from here as you write it. But be happy that you have the privilege of facing it.” (Source)


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