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Four Daily Internet Destinations for Screenwriters

Whether it be a website, Twitter account, or a Facebook group there are a lot of great resources out there. As a matter of fact, there are really too many. The Internet can at times be more distracting than helpful. With that in mind, if you’re an aspiring screenwriter and looking for just a few destinations to help and inspire you along the way here are four daily stops we recommend: – Reading produced screenplays seems to be a consistent and logical piece of advice for screenwriters and one of the best resources out there is the WriteToReel Forum. You can find hundreds of screenplays covering virtually every decade of modern screenwriting. If you can’t find something request it, and often someone somewhere will have it and post it. 

@briankoppelman – Brian Koppelman is a professional screenwriter known for ROUNDERS, OCEAN’S THIRTEEN and other things. What he is becoming more known for  in the Twitterverse are his “Six Second Screenwriting Lessons.” But they really aren’t lessons as much as musings and thoughts on the writer’s life. They are often poignant and thought provoking. Additionally, he lives in New York and the backdrop seems to always be something different. – “The Inside Pitch” is a web based radio show featuring WME executive Christopher Lockhart who once a month takes pitches from writers on the show. Anyone not familiar with Lockhart is missing out on something pretty special. The guy knows the business, he knows storytelling, and what makes for a good pitch. He has a keen insight into the development process and how Hollywood works.  He’s also very funny and you can tell he loves what he is doing. But most importantly, he genuinely cares about helping writers.  So bottom line, even if you don’t want to call in and pitch a script, at least listen to the show just to learn how to do it. You can also listen to previous shows in the archive. – Interaction and discussion can be just for fun online, which it often is, but also educational and inspirational. Spend time interacting and engaging in thoughtful discussion in any responsive group with good folks. The Secrets of Screenwriting is a large group and gets a lot of activity.





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