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Opening Scene: THE HURT LOCKER

Remember your first ten pages are crucial if you want to grab and hold the reader's attention. Also, how you introduce the dramatic situation and your characters sets the tone of the movie and communicates a lot to your reader. With that in mind lets look at the opening sequence for THE HURT LOCKER. We'll just give a sample and here's the link for the script. THE HURT LOCKER right away gets us into the action, sets the tone, and establishes the dramatic situation. The "Hurt Locker" as a name will symbolize many things in the story, but with the opening it's for us to interpret the nature of being an IED specialist,what  wearing "the Suit" and putting your life on the line truly means. The script is by Mark Boall and of course won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2009.

Over the BUZZING sound of an electric engine we--

                                          CUT TO:

A grainy, low-resolution view, seen from sixteen inches above 
street level. And we’re moving fast -- nauseatingly fast. 

From this angle close to the ground we FLY down a road strewn 
with war garbage: munitions, trash, rubber, animal shit -- 
all of which, from this odd, jarring perspective, looks 
gigantic, monstrous.

We zoom towards a crumpled COKE CAN, the white ‘C’ growing 
enormous on the screen, filling the screen like a skyscraper. 

We SMASH into the can and barrel ahead.

A RAG flutters, blocks the view, then tumbles away, as we --

-- zoom downhill, see nothing but gray sand, then zoom back 
up hill and off, catching air, a flash of the horizon line, 
BRIGHT SUN, and land hard on a packed road.

We close in on one particular pile of trash, which is topped 
with a white plastic garbage bag, and stop. Puffs of dust 
and fluttering plastic.

We glide across the fluttering plastic. Flies buzzing. 
Advancing slowly, inch by inch, to the edge for our first 
glimpse inside the bag:


                                                  CUT TO:



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