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Story Structure for Screenwriters


It's hard to believe that just 40 years ago  a modern screenwriting manual didn't exist until really Syd Field came along.  Since then we've seen a proliferation of manuals and experts present their take on proper screenwriting structure and form.  Even if you do not believe in the idea of consciously thinking about story structure as you write, having structure in mind as you conceptualize your story and frankly when you outline (if you outline) is probably something you do subconsciously if not with intention.  

Here are some good diagrams to give you a good visualization for your story structure!

There is no formula to writing, only guidelines and principles perhaps.  Take the following with a grain of salt, but we highly recommend you consider structure at some level in the writing process!

Just focus on a pace that feels appropriate for the style, whether it is a drama or a thriller you have to build tension and conflict, and present the reader (viewer) with questions that will be answered (resolved) by story's end.


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