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Screenwriting in the News 7.16.14

Four years ago at  the San Diego Comic-Con Walt Disney Pictures announced that Guillermo del Toro would be directing a remake of THE HAUNTED MANSION, well so far no script. During a recent interview the filmmaker had this to say:

Well, I spent 2 weeks ago, I went back to Disneyland with the executives with whom I am developing the screenplay. It’s a hard screenplay to crack. We’ve done it a few times. We are on our third or fourth draft, with 2 different writing teams, and I think the main thing is to try to combine everything that is great about the ride into the movie, and to make it a really intense but with a sense of fun – just like the ride. It’s a tough balance, and I would be happy to report if we had the screenplay. We always feel like we are very close, but not yet. We have developed 50-60 pieces of art...

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Relativity Nabs Sci-Fi Spec From ‘Cliffhanger’ Scribe Joe Gazzam

Relativity has optioned an untitled sci-fi-tinged spec for development from screenwriter Joe Gazzam. It’s the latest score for Gazzam, who sold action-thriller Shadow Run to Sony in February and won the coveted gig writing Cliffhanger for Neal Moritz and StudioCanal in May. (Read more...)

“Grizzly” writer Jack Reher is writing the adaptation of the upcoming comic for the Coalition Group

Musician and prolific comics creator Alan Robert's latest book is already in the process of being adapted for the big screen. The writer-artist of the popular “Killogy” comic will release “The Shunned One” via IDW comics in early 2015, while the film adaptation is being scripted by “Grizzly” and “Corrosion” writer Jack Reher. (Read more...)


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