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Screenwriting History #24 Julius J. Epstein

Julius J. Epstein wrote CASABLANCA (1942) with his brother and identical twin Philip for which they would win the Academy Award for best Adapted Screenplay. The screenplay was based on an unpublished play titled "Everybody Comes to Ricks" written by Murray Bennett and Joan Alison.

Philip passed away in 1952 leaving Julius with what some say was a broken heart.  During the brothers career with Warner Bros. they had a tumultuous relationship with the icon producer. Jack Warner in true fashion decided to turn the brothers names into the HUAC (the notroious anti-communist McCarthyism house committee). They were never called to testify, but the story goes that when asked if they were a part of any "subversive organization," they reportedly responded, "Yes. Warner Brothers."

The Epstein’s first Oscar nomination came in 1938 with FOUR DAUGHTERS (1938). After his brother’s death Epstein’s credits included THE TENDER TRAP (1955), LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA (1962), SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1964), and nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, PETE N TILLIE (1972) and REUBAN, REUBEN (1983).

Julius J. Epstein wrote more than 50 films in his 50-year career.







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