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ScreenTalk Radio PODCAST

There are a decent number of Screenwriting podcasts out there, some very good ones for example Scriptnotes the weekly podcast that started around August 2011, it is hosted by professional screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin.   Good Stuff, but I remember listening back in the day and thinking "dang they copied us!"  Not sure if they still do the show, I assume so.  Kudos to them, they did it better.

Well I'm here to tell you SU is the ORIGINAL Podcast on screenwriting with over 16,000 listeners.  We started over eleven years ago and as a matter of fact John August was a guest on our show.   Now, full disclosure, our show was low quality compared to what August would do (does?) but then again we had NO budget.   We weren't millionair produced screenwriters but humble website operators and fledgling writers.

Here's the BlogRadio link for ScreenTalk Radio original and all 25 episodes that sadly their server lost... SIGH!

Frankly, SU has done it all first from Podcast to Blogs to Script Reviews to Logline and Screenwriting Contests to Screenwriting & Contest Directories and of course daily, weekly and monthly content.  We set the standard and started all the trends that today others have copied.  

You're welcome.

Well we were able to dig around find some of those ScreenTalk episodes and are sharing them here with you... The quality is indeed not up to par with the modern podcasts but for 11+ years ago we are still pretty proud of what we accomplised even if no one credits us as their inspiration or the original source... which we are frankly for all things screenwriting on the Internet.

The SEVEN Shows from 2009/10 that have survived:

ScreenTalk #6: Special: Pitch to Story Editor at William Morris Agency   Script Girl script sales... Executive Story Editor at William Morris Agency, Christopher Lockhart, takes calls where writers pitch scripts (such as the one legged boxer) and he picks one to read!  (**Top Episode)

ScreenTalk #7: ... Script Girl gives her marketing breakdown... script sales... logline discussion...  more screenwriting talk... interview sample with Paul Haggis (MILLION DOLLAR BABY)...

ScreenTalk #5: Screenwriting Talk.... David Goyer (BLADE) interview sample... more screenwriting talk...

ScreenTalk #4:  Hey it's getting almost professional!... Oscars broadcast talk... Interview with William C. Martell...

ScreenTalk #3:  Chris coughs right away... not too bad... getting better... take our first caller... talk Oscars ... non-linear screenwriting... interview with William Akers author "Your Screenplay Sucks"

ScreenTalk #2:  Narratage ... really bad.. actually not too bad...



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