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Before the director or actors can work their magic onscreen a writer, often working alone, faces the blank page and must be the first to create the magic. Yet the writer is usually ignored by critics eager to give credit to the director or sometimes an actor. Not only that, the original vision of the screenwriter rarely makes it to the screen intact-Imagine if your favorite movie could have even been better had that image-conscious actress not demanded changes to the script.

Screenwriter Interviews:

Minority Writing: An Interview with Scott Frank
Interview with Minority Report co-writer Jon Cohen
The Frailty of Words: An Interview with Brent Hanley
American Slacker: An Interview with David H. Steinberg
Shadow of the Vampire: An Interview with Steven Katz

Scripts Analyzed:

A Beautiful Mind, Adaptation, Almost Famous, Ararat, Black Hawk Down, Blade 2, Cast Away, Catch Me if You Can, City by the Sea, The Cell, Dancer in the Dark, Far From Heaven, Frailty, The Gift, Gladiator, John Q., Insomnia, In the Bedroom, Memento, MIB2, Minority Report, Monster's Ball, Ocean's Eleven, Panic Room, Pay it Forward, Pearl Harbor, Proof of Life, Road to Perdition, Signs, Spy Game, We Were Soldiers, Windtalkers, Traffic, Unbreakable

About the Author
Chris Wehner is a film critic for the Movie Review & Screenplay Database, editor-in-chief of Screenwriter's Monthly, author of Screenwriting on the Web: Researching, Writing, & Selling Your Script on the Web (2000), script reviewer, and founder of

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LAST ISSUE: November 2004


Feautures include: Market Report, Script Sales, Point of Entry


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September 2004 ($3.95)
Special Edition: WRITER/DIRECTOR


MARKET: Script Deals » Point of Entry - Spec Scripts » IN Development

FEATURES: A Screenwriting Life » Script Notes

August 2004 ($3.95)


MARKET: Script Deals » Point of Entry - Spec Scripts » IN Development

FEATURES: A Screenwriting Life » Script Notes

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June 2004 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: David Benioff’s Epic Adaptation, TROY » Featured Writer of the Month » Jeremy Leven on THE NOTEBOOK

MARKET: Point of Entry: Rewriting - For Free or Fee? » Script Deals: FADE OUT: a screenwriter with schizophrenia » In Development: SHREK 3 is already in the works! » Script Notes: Another WGA Strike on Horizon? » Insider Report: Hollywood’s Hottest Companies

FEATURES: Script-to-Screen: TROY » The Big Show » Monthly Craft Column: The Rewrite is always Better

May 2004 ($3.95)
April 2004 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: Mark Bomback on GODSEND » Matthew Ryan Hoge's THE UNITED STATES OF LELAND » Jonathan Hensleigh Talks THE PUNISHER

MARKET: Point of Entry: Elements of Distribution » Script Deals In Development: Tarantino Wants to do a 007? » Script Notes

FEATURES: Hollywood & Religion » The Big Show Monthly Craft Column: Write if You Can » Screenwriter's Notebook: Research on the Web » Editorial: Hollywood Remakes Again and Again

March 2004 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: ANIMATION SCREENWRITING: Home on the Range with Will Finn and John Sanford » David Mamet on Spartan » Jon Bokenkamp is talking about Taking Lives

MARKET:Point of Entry » Script Deals » In Development » Script Notes

FEATURES: Slamdance: Watershed » Monthly Craft Column: Dig Deeper » The Big Show » Script-to-Screen: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind »Editorial: The End of 2D Animation at Disney.

February 2004 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: Tarantino on Kill Bill Vol. 2 » In the Booth with Larry Cohen » Sofia Coppola: Words not Lost in Translation

MARKET: Point of Entry » Script Deals » In Development » Script Notes

FEATURES: 2003’s Best Screenplays » Sundance 2004 » The Big Show » Utilizing Humor in Your Screenplay » Why The Return of the King Better Win...

January 2004 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: Shawn Lawrence Otto on HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG » John August talks BIG FISH »THE LAST SAMURAI: Zwick and Herskovitz

MARKET: Insider Report - Holiday Films » Point of Entry - Get the Attention You Deserve » Script Deals » IN Development

FEATURES: Script-to-Screen - COLD MOUNTAIN » The Big Show » Script Notes » Hollywood Ten - Up and Coming Writers

December 2003 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: Guillermo Arriaga on 21 GRAMS » Billy Ray Talks About SHATTERED GLASS » Mike Rich has a RADIO on

MARKET: Script Deals Point of Entry - Building Your Team » IN Development

FEATURES: A Screenwriting Life: MIKE RICH » Screenwriting 101 - Your First Ten Pages » Script Notes » Oscar Speculation - 2003's Best Screenplays?


November 2003
October 2003

INTERVIEWS: Brian Helgeland on Mystic River, The Order, Clint Eastwood, adaptations, theme, character, structure and more! » INDEPENDENT FOCUS: an interview with Melvin Goes to Dinner writer-director Michael Blieden.

MARKET: Point of Entry: It’s Spec Season Again! Script Deals IN Development

FEATURES: A Screenwriting Life: Brian Helgeland » Script to Screen: Tarantino’s Kill Bill » P.O.V.: Why T.V. Writing is Better » Book Review: How to Adapt Anything...

September 2003 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: Rob Zombie talks House of 1000 Corpses » Charles Shelton (Deadtime Stories) On Writing Pure Horror » Steven Katz on Writing the Perfect Vampire Movie » Lost in Translation: Sofia Coppola

MARKET: The Insider Report » Script Deals of the Month » Point of Entry » In Development » Script Notes

August 2003 ($3.95)

SPECIAL EDITION!! 44 pages!!!
INTERVIEWS: Gary Ross on Seabiscuit » Ron Shelton and Robert Souza on Hollywood Homicide

MARKET: The Insider Report » Script Deals of the Month » Point of Entry » In Development » Script Notes

FEATURES: A Screenwriting Life - Gary Ross » A Screenwriting Life - Ron Shelton » Editorial » Write Right » P.O.V. » Book Review of the Month » Hollywood Homicide Script Review » The Last Word » Telluride Film Festival Guide

June 2003 ($3.95)

The Art of Pitching » The E-mail Query » Anatomy of an Irresistible Query Letter » Working the Web: » Baseline-Filmtracker Insider Report » The Independent Producer » Producer Listings »Agent Listings » Write Right: Goldman’s Law

INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Owen Producer/President of Girlie Girl Productions » Former Creative Executive Donie Nelson - By Kenna McHugh » Finding LEVITY: An Interview with Ed Solomon » Writing Comedy: SOL GOODE

May 2003 ($3.95)

INTERVIEWS: DREAM TEAM Lawrence Kasdan and William Goldman collaborated on the adaptation of Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher » THE CORE: Writing the Hollywood Blockbuster » WOMEN IN FILM

FEATURES: "Writing the Blockbuster" Editor’s Note: Hollywood Movies » Was Air-Conditioning the Real Reason for the Emergence of the Summer Blockbuster? » A Screenwriting Life: William Goldman » Showdown at Amity Island: Jaws, the original blockbuster, was a Western » So You Wanna Write A Blockbuster? » Why We Go To Movies... » Crafty Screenwriting » P.O.V. : The Trouble with Remakes » Write Right: In Search of Integrity » The Downfall of Screenwriting

April 2002 ($3.95)

GOOD COPS, BAD COPS: Writing the Modern Police Drama
Content and editorial on writing TV and motion picture police dramas; also an interview with DARK BLUE screenwriter David Ayer.

March 2003 ($3.95)

THE BEST OF 2002 - We take a look back at the best scripts. Also, an interview with CATCH ME IF YOU CAN screenwriter Jeff Nathanson.

February 2003 ($3.95)

PHONE BOOTH screenwriter Larry Cohen in part 2 of our "Writing the Thriller." Also an interview with ADAPTATION screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and our "Women in Film" feature. Also, a special report on "Violence in film." NOT AVAILABLE IN PDF

December 2002 ($3.95)

WRITING THE THRILLER - includes an interview with REAR WINDOW screenwriter John Michael Hayes; FRAILTY screenwriter Brent Hanley

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