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Alien Vs. Predator

Where is Ridley Scott when you need him? I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it was similar to riding the Space Mountain in Disneyland. But with regards to the story and its flaws, well, that's entirely a different matter.


I think too many studios are becoming obsessed with films ratings and as a consequence have tapered down a lot of gratuity violence. However, this is supposed to be a horror film (albeit a sci-fi horror film) and there were a few jumps just to keep us in our seats long enough to wait for a third act. But in the end, it came across as superficial, and in many respects it's because there is no serious threat (other than the fact that all but one human survives).

The main premise is Alien and Predator are at war and no matter which side wins, we lose. The movie ends and I'm still waiting! Have we been fooled? For one, I thought this idea would break new grounds with horror/sci-fi flicks, but since it never materialized, I remain disappointed. There's not even an indication of dreary days to come.

But for the most part, the script follows the formula for action films pretty closely, so the twists and turns fall as no surprise. The one thing that does elevate this movie from mediocrity is the use of the setting, which gives it a lot of character.

All in all, Alien Vs. Predator will give you the desire to rent the first Alien and the first Predator and remember the good old days.

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