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Script Review: MIB2

Reviewed by Julius Funkenstein

Screenwriter(s): Robert Gordon (GALAXY QUEST) wrote the original, and Barry Fanaro (THE CREW) with rewrite.



NOTE: The screenplays we review are often in development and may experience many rewrites, some could end up being completely different than what is reviewed here. It is our hope that our reviews generate more interest in the film. Thank you.

Hi folks, Chris here. Well, Julius has done it again. He managed to get his hands on a copy of the upcoming MIB2 script. Reportedly, it will hit theaters during the July 4th weekend 2002. Should be a major opening for it. Without further delay, here's Julius:

Fresh off my most controversial script review (the Enterprise pilot script), in which I got 28 negative emails, I return!

When taken for what it is, you have to love MEN IN BLACK. It IS a fun escape from cerebral-heavy science fiction films, but when people start comparing it to classics like GHOST BUSTERS or GALAXY QUEST, I draw the line. The film isn't THAT good, because unlike those other films it has little substance and too much style. Unfortunately, the sequel suffers from the same problem.

After losing yet another partner-Tee, Jay is sent with Frank The Pug, who is stuck in the mail room, to investigate a crash landing in Central Park. Meanwhile, the occupant of the ship, Serleena, who "morphed" into a model she saw in Victoria Secret, is interrogating the owner of a local pizza joint about something called "The Light Of Zartha." Rita Vasquez, an employee, escapes after witnessing the death of the owner, Mitch-a starfish alien.

Finding the ship and seeing an image of Kay onboard, Jay is sent to investigate the murder of Charlie, one of Serleena's gang.... we then are sent into the main plot, and that's about all the spoilers you get!

The script takes a cue from the original MIB and shows the camera following a firefly down the East River in the beginning of the script. I don't like this as it conjures up deja vu from the first film. This time around we get a new writer, Robert Gordon (GALAXY QUEST), with a different style -- showing a signature shot from the original puts Gordon and the film in the shadow of the first MIB and invites comparisons. There are too many flashbacks to list here. In fact, the entire first act of the script seems like an ode to MIB.

One problem that I had with the original is that it seemed like the jokes were sometimes stuffed down your throat when you were trying to follow the story... it was a big distraction. In MIB2, the humor is nicely distributed and doesn't get in the way. This is one of the more significant improvements of MIB2 over the first film. Oh yeah, there are some nice, original, funny moments in the script that involve the return of Kay as he gets accustomed to his "new" surroundings.

There is a nice little relationship between Rita Vasquez and Jay. It's refreshing from the usual uninspired romantic trite we get in these kind of films. This relationship actually is instrumental in the outcome of some events in the script and ties into the storyline nicely... so as you see, this romance is a bit different then

the Elle/ Jay relationship from the first one.

The Fresh Prince himself will get a chance to flex his acting muscles due to the more dramatic role he has this time around. As for the other leading actor, Tommy Lee Jones as Kay...well, he has his work cut out for him. See, the odd thing is that the comedic roles are reversed this time around as Jay is the veteran and Kay is the fish out of water... and Jones isn't exactly the best comedy actor.

Most of you out there have probably heard the rumor that there are two endings for MIB2... umm yeah...The first one of these is interesting if not over the top, and the second one is more dramatic and really closes the door for the one of the current MIB characters and leaves you mystified. I do hope they go with the second one, but I have a suspicion that they will go with the first one.

Oh yeah...I like the new Benz too.

On to the critique...


-The relationship between Rita Vasquez and Jay is tied in nice with the story and is played out in a cool way.

-The new Benz

-Some nice, funny moments

-Good Pace

-Some possibly cool cameos

-The return of Jeebs and the Worms


-Tommy Lee Jones has to be funny...

-Alot of deja vu from the first film

-The basic story is essentially the same


The script isn't any more original then well...the original, but it is funny nonetheless. There are a number of ways the direction could go. It should be a fairly interesting to see what the end result is like...


8.2 out of 10

Send your scripts, your girlfriends, your self-respect to...

-- Julius Funkenstein

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