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Lem Dobbs

The Score (2001)
The Limey (1999)
Dark City (1998)
Kafka (1991)
The Hard Way (1991)

Hider in the House (1990)

Son of painter R.B. (Ron) Kitaj Took his pseudonym from the character Humphrey Bogart played in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre". After doing some uncredited polishing on "Romancing the Stone" screenwriter Lem Dobbs got his first feature credits in 1991 with "Kafka" and "The Hard Way". "Kafka" was directed by Steven Soderbergh as his follow-up to "sex, lies, and videotape". The film "Dark City" would be his first onscreen credit after seven long years, and it would also become a cult favorite among science fiction fans. He would team up with Soderbergh again for "The Limey" in 1999, but Dobbs was not happy with many of the changes the director made to the script. They have a revealing debate recorded on the DVD for "The Limey". In 2001, Dobbs brought his unique sensibilities to Frank Oz's caper film "The Score". Interestingly enough, Dobbs unproduced screenplay titled "Edward Ford," written when Dobbs was 19, is considered within Hollywood as his best work. Widely considered one of the very best screenplays never produced, "Edward Ford" is about a cowboy actor.

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