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Interview with Syd Field

Real Audio Interview Series

Real Audio Interview with Syd Field

By: Chris Wehner

Welcome to our Syd Field real audio interview, part one in a five part series totaling over 75 minutes. It's been awhile since our last real audio interview, and to get things rolling again we're restarting with a great one. I found Syd to be down to earth, but also a very passionate person. He truly loves screenwriting and movies in general. His insights are thought provoking and invaluable.

It seems that writers either love Syd Field, or hate him. There always are those who talk about Syd Field and his views of the Three-Act-Structure incorrectly. His message, if you want to call it that, has never been about breaking screenwriting down to a "formula." Syd is one of those writers who is often quoted, but rarely read. But, too, it is simpleminded to not ponder some of Syd's comments in the interview, he almost seems to back himself into a philosophical corner that he can't get out of. He relies on a very simplistic presentation of his views, one that offers him protection and you the screenwriter very little to go on.

In Part One of this interview Syd sheds some light on the development of his book, Screenplay, and the Three-Act-Structure. The Three-Act-Structure exists as a "form" that holds the screenplay together, not a formula. I've yet to find a good movie, including the likes of PULP FICTION, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, and MAGNOLIA, that does not follow the Three-Act-Structure. Don't believe it? Then listen to Part One of our interview with Syd.

In Part Two, Syd discusses the new generation of screenwriters. Also, Syd has a new web site and is offering screenwriting classes online. He answers to criticism over opening up shop online, and what this means for the online community of writers.

NOTE! There is a minor flaw with the recording. My voice will be a little louder than Syd's due to a control that was set incorrectly. Luckily I do not speak a lot. The interview sound quality is still excellent.

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