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Interview With Agent Bob Holman

Interview With Bob Holman
By: Kathryn Knowlton

(Bob Holman is a founding partner of Holman, Maybank and Lieb, one of the most prestigious and well respected Literary Agencies in town. I'm sure you will appreciate his insights into the business - KK)

KK: Bob, I want to thank you for being so generous with your time and agreeing to do this interview for CSS and the subscribers of THE SCRIPT REPORT. I know that Im personally grateful to you and Im sure all of our readers join me in thanking you.
What made you decide on a career in "showbiz"? and why did you choose to be an Agent?

BH: I decided when I was a little kid that I wanted to work in the film business, probably because we lived so close to Universal Studios. In high school I worked there as tour guide but the tour folks were kept separate from the creative folks. In college I was a business administration major, went to graduate school at the American Film Institute. Production initially fascinated me but the hours were long and ultimately boring. the business side suited me more.

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