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Latest Script Deals

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has spent a high-six-figure sum for feature rights to screenwriter Charlie Fletcher's upcoming children's book "Stoneheart."In the book, London statues of famous people come alive to re-enact their history -- much like Fox's upcoming Ben Stiller holiday comedy "Night at the Museum," which brings animals and insects to life at New York's Museum of Natural History.

"This is very 'Harry Potter,"' said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who supervised that franchise when he was president of production at Warner Bros. Pictures. "It's scary when gargoyles come to life and soldiers in Trafalgar Square are still fighting battles. It's a very visual piece." Also producing is Scott Rudin. The British-born Fletcher had a career as a Hollywood screenwriter on films like the Joel Silver-produced "Fair Game" at Warners, where he worked with di Bonaventura but returned to England several years ago to write books.

"Stoneheart" is scheduled for publication in September in the U.S. (Hyperion) and the U.K. (Hachette).

Also, 20th Century Fox has picked up scribe Sahara Lotti's family comedy "Dear God, It's Me Rod." The story follows a 14-year-old kid who, on Thanksgiving, wishes to be in a family like that of his friend. His dream becomes reality when he wakes up the next morning, but he eventually pines for the life he left behind.

"I think that everybody, when they are little, feels the grass is always greener," Lotti said. "It always seems that your friend's family is cooler. I used to think that everybody had it better, but then I grew up." Lotti began her career as an actress while at USC. She wrote scenes for her acting classes, and when her classmates asked where she got the pieces, she said she found them in Samuel French bookstores. When they went looking for them and couldn't find them, she fessed up. After she graduated, she decided to venture full-time into screenwriting.

Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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