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How to Finish an Oscar Winning Screenplay (or Novel) in Two Months


(PRWEB) November 3, 2005 -- If you have zero time to write that Oscar winning screenplay, then let The Novel Process Literary Agency help you to create the space (and time) to do so.

Just released "How to Finish an Oscar Winning Screenplay (or Novel) in Two Months" is great fun and will anchor your creative ideas and life for a successful career. How? This step by step neurobright process frees you from the typewriter (and computer) for two months so you actually complete your dream work. Simple follow the course and you will succeed. It is used by the professionals in Hollywood to turn out original scripts with much less effort and in record time. How to Write an Oscar Winning Screenpaly (or Novel) in Two Months has been sold nationwide including in USA Today. The author (Scott Douglas) has written five novels and six screenplays with this method, and studied screenwriting with Professor Richard Walters of UCLA. or

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