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Frank Darabont Adapting THE MIST?

Fangoriatalked to director Frank Darabont (TEH GREEN MILE) about bringing Stephen King's "The Mist" to the big screen. Here's a sample:

It has been years since we’ve seen a real kick-ass, balls-to-the-wall Stephen King project. The $100-million DREAMCATCHER flopped, SECRET WINDOW fell apart in the last act and King’s own KINGDOM HOSPITAL emerged as a ratings disaster. All that should change next year as writer/director Frank Darabont, responsible for the critically acclaimed non-horror King hits THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and THE GREEN MILE, finally brings the long-promised THE MIST to the silver screen.

"I am at this very moment writing the adaptation of THE MIST," Darabont tells Fango. The novella, featured in King’s SKELETON CREW collection, concerns a group of strangers trapped inside a supermarket by a bevy of giant monsters that arrive in an unworldly fog. The story has been a favorite of fans for nearly two decades, including Darabont. "Depending on a few factors, it may well be the next movie I direct, possibly next year," he says. "Finally, my low-budget monster flick! And no, it will not be for television. There’s been some confusion out there in geek land about that."

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