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OUT OF SIGHT Scribe Eyeing Directorial Debut

It’s looking like Oscar-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank (OUT OF SIGHT) could very well make his directorial debut in 2005. The project in question is THE LOOKOUT, currently setup at DreamWorks Pictures. No cast is currently attached.

Frank will direct from his own script about a former high school hockey star, disabled in a car accident, who outwits a group of criminals who plan to rob the small-town bank where he works as a janitor.

I got the chance to correspond today with Scott Frank, whose credits include MINORITY REPORT, GET SHORTY, LITTLE MAN TATE, DEAD AGAIN, and others. He had this to say about today’s news.

“I've been busy trying to find a lead [as] I won't make the film unless I find someone I'm absolutely inspired by,” said Frank.

When asked if his directorial debut is imminent, “Right now, we're still exploring the possibility of making it.”

We should note that some reports inaccurately state that Frank was a writer on the upcoming, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, which is not true, that honor belongs to John August.

- Chris

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