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Screenwriter Beheaded. Suspect Arrested at Paramount Studios

No it wasn't his agent and it wasn't a studio executive.

Looks like screenwriter Roger Wilson got off easy. A brutal and savage crime in June took the life of screenwriter Robert Lees, he was 91. Lees began his career in the late thirties for MGM producing a series of short films called Crime Doesn’t Pay. In 1940, his first feature length movie titled, Street of Memories, was released by 20th Century Fox. During World War II, Lees and writing partner Fred Rinaldo participated in Frank Capra’s U. S. Army film making unit. After the war, the two wrote movies for Abbott and Costello before being blacklisted during the McCarthy era. Lees began a new career writing for television under the pseudonym J.E. Selby. As Selby, Lees has credits for such programs as “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, “Flipper”, “Daktari” and “Rawhide” and others.

Apparently the suspect, Keven Lee Graff, 27, a homeless man, broke into Lees’ home and executed him, then crawled over to a neighbors, still in possession of Lees’ head, where he stabbed to death the neighbor. The suspect was later arrested while acting suspiciously outside the gate at Paramount studios.

- Chris

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