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CATWOMAN co-writer John Brancato Talks TERMINATOR 4 and WESTWORLD

An interview with CATWOMAN co-writer, John Brancato, who is also writing TERMINATOR 4 and WESTWORLD, posted recently on Latino Review. They couldn’t reveal much, but gave up some teasers on the upcoming films.

"Can you talk about writing the Terminator story around his [Arnold Schwarzenegger's] model? Knowing, at best, he'd only be available for a cameo. John Brancato: We did have to think about a new franchise character. He couldn't carry the movies anymore. So that caused us to have, I think, a pretty novel approach about what the new terminator would be like. What directions would it go in. Again, they made me actually sign things that I would not leak. As much as I would like to brag about the script, I can't really tell you. What's Westworld about? John Brancato: Westworld is a remake of kind of a classic movie that was written by Michael Crichton in the seventies. "

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