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Screenwriter Talks UNDERWORLD Sequel

The Trades posted a short interview with Danny McBride, the writer behind last years best horror film, UNDERWORLD, where he talked about a possible sequel and even a prequel:

“From the very start, Len and I were interested in creating an Underworld trilogy. In short, we've always had a prequel in mind. I know the trades reported that a sequel and a prequel have already been greenlit. At the moment, we are focused on the sequel. It's our main priority because the start date is looming in the not too distant future. With that said, we still are forced to spend a great deal of time discussing the prequel because the actions and motivations of our characters in medieval times affects things downstream.” As for the sequel, McBride confirmed that shooting will begin in the fall for a targeted 2005 release; and he also confirmed that Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman have already signed on to reprise their respective roles. McBride went on to say that he is currently preparing the outline for the second draft of the sequel and that the production team is in the middle of the development stages. “The new film will carry the story further as well as incorporate a few prequel sequences, which should be extremely cool.”

Source: The Trades

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