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Script Sales For - 02/2/2001

Darabont On Fire With FAHRENHEIT 451
Writer/Director Frank Darabont(THE GREEN MILE, 1999) has just
inked a deal to adapt and direct Ray Bradbury's classic sci-fi
ovel FAHRENHEIT 451. Darabont will actually be rewriting a
script by Terry Hayes (VERTICAL LIMIT, 2000). Mel Gibson's
Icon will produce along with Storyline. Mel's been trying to get
this made for some time now. I think with Darabont taking over,
odds are that this baby will definitely see the light of day.
STORYLINE: Concerns a fireman in an oppresive futuristic
society whose job it is to burn "objectionable" books.
WRITER: Ray Bradbury (novel) Frank Darabont (screenplay)

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