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Script Sales For - 01/11/2000

Hollywood Script Deals

Columbia Pictures has slapped down $1.3 million for all-star
scribe Scott Rosenberg to rewrite his 1992 adaptation of
the Michael Connelly detective novel "Black Ice." This project
has been picking up steam, as it is rumored that such directors
as Oliver Stone, John Frankenheimer and Steven Soderbergh are
the top candidates to helm. Look for "BI" to go into production
early 2001.

Story line: LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch finds himself
deeply involved in the drug trafficking underworld of inner-city L.A.;
spanning all the way to south of the border. When Bosch uncovers what
appears to be his partner in a sleazy motel, dead of an apparent suicide,
he begins to investigate -- only to find it may not have been a suicide,
and that the body may not even have been his partner.

Deal: rumored to be in the high six-figures range.

Writer credits: most notable: "Bad Moon Rising" (1999) - "Armageddon"
uncredited re-write(1998) - "Con Air" (1997).

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