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Script Sales For - 12/3/1999

Hollywood Script Deals
Universal Pictures has given consent to acquire the rights
to the Romantic Drama pitch "The Age of Consent," by scribe Lamar
Damon, who will will adapt from Scott Spencer novel "Endless
Story line: two young kids fall in love, after a torrid romance
his girlfriend's parents try to end it, the boy tries to win them
over. So what does he do? Nope, He sets their house on fire with the
intention of extinguishing the blaze and saving them. (If this is
eally the storyline, and I have not read the book, then this
is perhaps one of the most moronic books ever to be consider for
a motion picture. Just what we need, more stupid teenage tricks on
Deal: 750,000 (rumored)
Writer credits: "Chiclets," "Slap Her, She's French," and "Friends and
Losers" (an MTV pilot)

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