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Script Sales For - 11/07/1999

Hollywood script deals
Castle Rock has acquired screen rights to Stephen King's
latest novel, ``Hearts in Atlantis.'' It's enlisted
screenwriter William Goldman (``Misery''). It's rumored
that King requested Goldman to write the screenplay. The
deal marks the seventh time Castle Rock will turn King's work
into a film.
King wrote the new novel for Scribner before nearly losing
his life after being struck by a car, and it contains five
interlocking stories which share characters and the theme
of the Vietnam War. The book opens with a story about an
11-year-old whose life is changed by an eccentric adult who
educates him to a better understanding of the nature of war,
power and greed that helps the boy make a difficult decision:
go to college or get drafted.
After a vigorous auction (no, not on eBay you idiot),
Fox has emerged victorious in its bid for the spec script
``Sonny Bright,'' with Doug Liman (``Go'') attached to
direct, and Peter and Bobby Farrelly attached to produce.
Wayne Rice (``Suicide Kings'') and Gina Goldman wrote
``Sonny Bright,'' in which a government desk jockey gets
mixed up with a beautiful woman and a big heist.
Fox is paying an initial low-six-figure fee for the script,
plus a lot more for the director and producers.
Warner Bros.-based Outlaw Prods. has hired scribe Scott
Wiper to write a big screen adaptation of writer-producer-
director Barbara Leibovitz's documentary ''Salvaged Lives.''
The film follows inmates at California's Chino State Prison who
struggle through vocational rehab.
Endangered Species Pictures (ESP), the urban specialty
arm of HSI-Tomorrow Films, has optioned ``Stoop,''
written by Jean Claude LaMarre, who will also direct.
The urban comedy revolves around two best friends who
can't think of any better way to spend a hot summer day
in Brooklyn than to relax on their building's stoop.

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